Worship Guidelines for Our Saviour Lutheran Church effective June 14, 2020

The Government of Saskatchewan has recently issued new guidelines for attendance at worship services. In order to be compliant we must follow certain guidelines.

  1. We must enter and exit through different doorways. The entrance will be the main doors to the hall and the exit will be the doors at the back of the Sanctuary.
  2. We must at all times maintain social distancing, no hand shaking or visiting on the way in or out.
  3. We are allowed 30% of our building capacity which in our case works out to 45 persons.
  4. There will be someone at the door to complete a head count.
  5. Hymnals and bulletins are available at the entrance. Please return the hymnal to the last pew on your left as you exit the building. This allows for disinfection of the hymnals for the next service.
  6. There will be a collection plate at the back of the Church on a small table, please leave your offering as you exit.
  7. As you enter the Sanctuary, stay on the carpeted area. Do not enter the pews between the walls and the pew.
  8. Every second pew has been blocked off (Red Ribbon). Family groups and residents of the same household can sit together. Please maintain social distance between family groups and do not sit directly in front of or behind someone else.
  9. If you attend the 9:30 or 11:00am service, this will remain your service time until things return to normal and we are back to one service per Sunday.
  10. There will be no communion, music will be provided for the hymns, but please refrain from singing.
  11. Please refrain from using the washrooms.  

Thank you for your consideration and please pray for an end to this pandemic.

In Christ.

Bruce Henderson

Chair, Our Saviour Lutheran Church Council