Monthly Archives: March 2020

Worship and Event Suspension Our Saviour Lutheran Church Effective March 18, 2020

Dear fellow Congregants of Our Savior Lutheran Church;

A brief meeting was held with those in attendance after Lenten Service this past Wednesday night (March 18, 2020) during which Pastor Rosnau read a directive from Synod concerning the suspension of worship services until further notice because of the Covid-19 virus. Those present decided to suspend services and church activities until further notice.

It is never easy to close a church and we must all pray that this pandemic will end soon with all our members and our broader community being safe. In the meantime regular updates and contact information will be posted to the website, please check often. Should you have any information to bring forward please do not hesitate to contact Lavinia or me at (306) 332-3071.  

Even though services are now suspended there are still some bills to be paid to make sure we have a Place of Worship when this ends. Keeping this in mind, we ask that you consider setting aside your regular tithe for when we can all return to church.

We also have to remember we are a community of Lutherans and should be looking after the well being of each other. So please pray for our Church, Pastors and Members. Phone, text and email fellow congregants and if you can be of help to anyone let them know or let Lavinia know and she can coordinate volunteer efforts. Together, and with a positive attitude, we can ride out this storm and stay healthy.


Bruce Henderson, Chair

Covid19 Infection Prevention and Control Changes Implemented at Our Saviour Lutheran Church March 15, 2020

The congregation of Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Fort Qu’Appelle, SK, has implemented the following changes to services and church activities and visitations in an effort to prevent and control the potental of Covid19 infections within the congregation and the local community. We view prevention and control as the best options available to us so we may continue to enjoy fellowship, hear the Word and serve our Lord. Please help us to avoid our last resort which is to close the church.

Effective March 15, 2020 the following practices will govern worship, evangelism and fellowship activities at Our Saviour Lutheran Church:

Gathering For and Leaving Service: Do not shake hands or hug. Use the hand sanitizer available at the door. Bring a box of tissues to leave on the pew for your use. If you are sick, please stay home until you are well.

Seating: Try to space out in the pews. Do not sit directly in front of or behind someone.

Communion: No more than 4 people at the Altar at once. Individual cups will replace the use of the Chalice. Pastor will either wear latex gloves or use tongs to handle the wafers.

Fellowship Meals Cancelled until Further Notice: The monthly breakfast potluck scheduled after Divine Service on the third Sunday of the month after Divine Service is cancelled until further notice. Lenten Soup Suppers are also cancelled until further notice. The Monthly Men’s Breakfast regularly scheduled for the last Saturday of each month is cancelled until further notice.

Members are asked to continue to keep in touch with other members during this time and to extend a hand to help if you are able. If you need to talk please call Pastor Bryan Rosnau at 250-947-5586.

This website will be updated on a regular basis and members are asked to check here for changes prior to coming for Service.